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Waterwell Stands With The AAPI Community

Waterwell condemns the hatred, violence and murder of Asian and Pacific Islander people in Atlanta, and the rising number of brutal attacks on AAPI people across the country and in New York City where we live. We recognize that anti-Asian racism has a long, ugly and dangerous history in this country. Art, culture, the media and entertainment have a history of perpetuating damaging anti-Asian stereotypes and erasing Asian and Pacific Islander artists, people, and stories which has caused substantial, long-term harm.

Waterwell is committed to playing a proactive role in our industry to change those toxic practices, ideas and values and to work actively to make our community safe, particularly our neighborhood in midtown where the heinous, brutal attack of a 65-year old Filipino woman on Tuesday has deeply upset and enraged us. We know that many of our AAPI friends, colleagues and neighbors are experiencing enormous grief and pain, and are afraid for their physical safety when going about their daily lives. This is unacceptable. The staff members of Waterwell will work with conviction, respect, and sustained dedication to protect vulnerable members of the theater community and end anti-Asian racism that results in violence, trauma, fear, hate crimes, and death.

Here are organizations we are supporting and resources we are utilizing to take concrete action, and we invite you to join us:

Sign up for Safe Walks: You can be a volunteer or request someone to accompany you on a walk, a subway or bus ride. This group is expanding to Midtown and Williamsburg – Waterwell’s white staff members have signed up to Volunteer, and we ask that you do, too.

Take this 1-hour Bystander Intervention Training: This is a training that will give you the knowledge and tools to do your part to protect your neighbors and co-workers when bias and harassment collide in front of you.

Support + Get Involved with CAAAV: A pan-Asian community-based organization that works to build the power of low-income Asian communities and refugees in New York City. CAAAV develops leadership in Asian communities to impact the policies and institutions that affect their lives and to participate in a broader movement for racial and economic justice. Sign-up for their newsletter, Volunteer, and Make a Donation.

Follow Stop AAPI Hate: A coalition addressing anti-Asian hate amid the pandemic. Follow them in IG: @stopaapihate for information about how to stay engaged and active in this important movement.