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SPOTLIGHT: Arian Moayed

Name: Arian Moayed

Where were you born: Iran, son.

Siblings: Amir, Homeira and Omid.

College: Indiana University. IU, baby.

First show you ever saw: I’m not sure but Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind came to my high school (Glenbrook South High School) and that made a big impact on me.

Nickname(s): In grade school through high school, people called me “Chuck”. Yup. That’s legit.

What was your first Waterwell experience: Tom and I were cast as the two leads in Servant of Two Masters at Indiana University. A beautiful friendship started in the Spring of 1999. So did Waterwell.

Pet peeves: Cynicism. And…the sound of people chewing.

Hero: Martin Luther King or Charlie Chaplin.

Favorite play/musical: Hamlet or The Seagull

Favorite New York spot: In our offices, we have a back room where great folks like Lin Manuel Miranda, Sting, Rajiv Joseph and many more have worked on their projects. This is my fave spot in NYC.

What are you reading right now: Five Came Back by Mark Harris

What is your philosophy of art: “I think that everyone has at least a dozen or so bad movies in them; the sooner you get them out the better off you are.” – Robert Rodriguez

Karaoke song: “Thunder Road”

Where do you see yourself in ten years: I just hope to be doing work that’s meaningful and that affects change. Basically what we are doing now.

Give us one piece of advice: Now is all you’ve got so enjoy it!