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SPOTLIGHT: Actor, Rodney Gardiner

Name: Rodney Gardiner

Where were you born: Born in Freeport, Bahamas and raised in Miami, FL

Siblings: Two older brothers

College: SUNY Purchase

First show you ever saw: The first few plays I saw were highly forgettable. Seeing Ian Holm play Lear on PBS changed my life.

Nickname(s): My mother calls me Rods.

What was your first Waterwell experience: I met Arian at Utah Shakespeare Festival when Waterwell was just a dream. We were roomies. We talked a lot about theatre and music and family…that was my first Waterwell experience.

Pet peeves: Talking in lieu of doing

Favorite play/musical: Master Harold and the Boys

Favorite New York spot: In any of the great playhouses, in those few seconds of darkness just before a show starts.

What are you reading right now: Kiss Me Like A Stranger by Gene Wilder

What is your philosophy of art: There are no rules.

Where do you see yourself in ten years: I wouldn’t wanna ruin the surprise

Give us one piece of advice: Don’t worry about having everyone love you, concern yourself with how well YOU love.