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SPOTLIGHT: Composer, Lauren Cregor Devine

Name: Lauren Cregor Devine

Where were you born: Indianapolis, Indiana

Siblings: Older brother Matt, and step-/half-siblings Maureen, Jonathan, Amy, Christie, Jason, Nick and Reid

College: Indiana University

First show you ever saw: Les Misérables

Nickname(s): LCD, La, Craigslist, Crippie, Laurena

First pet’s name: Pufferino & Tiggerini

Hero: My Nonna, Marina

What was your first Waterwell experience: Viewing Lost in Yemen and peeing myself with laughter as Tom quite clearly fed Arian his lines. On Stage. In character. The entire show.

Pet peeves: Loud chewing/slurping, excessive honking, not saying please/thank you, dog poop on sidewalks

Favorite play/musical: Caroline, Or Change

Karaoke song: “Signed, Sealed, Deliver, I’m Yours,” “At Last,” or “New York State of Mind” (B. Joel, that is)

Favorite New York spot: Wherever badass busking is happening

What are you reading right now: The Woman Who Shot Mussolini (F. Saunders) and Your Four-Year-Old: Wild and Wonderful (L. Ames)

What is your philosophy of art: To each his/her own

Where do you see yourself in ten years: Making music that gets heard — by my children, my community, the world at large. Music that speaks from the heart to the heart. Music that brings to others what it brings to me: immediate tears and enough energy to run a marathon.

Give us one piece of advice: Be specific, optimistic, painfully honest, and make ’em dance.