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READ: Time Out says Hanna gives “one of the best performances”

Check out Time Out NY‘s amazing review of Sovereignone of the plays in the Honeycomb Trilogy, starring ensemble member Hanna Cheek. Both Time Out NY and New York Times agrees that the Honecomb Trilogy is a critic’s pick and a must see!

From the article:

“It’s clear from the moment we see her onstage that this is Cheek’s hour to shine. And she is electric, giving one of best performances I’ve seen all year. Experience and grief transform Ronnie into a battle-hardened badass, as wryly hilarious as she is deathly intimidating”
New York Times also says:
“A blazing meteorite, Hanna Cheek… projects commanding power, then mixes in vulnerability, cutting wit and some girlish vamping.”
Congrats, Hanna! The Honeycomb Trilogy runs through Nov 14 at the Gym at Judson. Get your tickets here.