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READ: Hanna and Clay talk “The Pumpkin Pie Show”

Ensemble member Hanna Cheek and writer/performer Clay McLeod Chapman talk to Downtown Express about the history of their annual recurring psychologically complex, horror show, The Pumpkin Pie ShowIt was at a Pumpkin Pie Show in 2002 that Tom and Arian saw Hanna perform and knew they had to work with her! 

From the article:

“We take the fourth wall, and push it back behind the last row of the theater. We’re speaking directly to the audience, inviting them to be the other person in the scene or story that we are telling. … Everyone’s imagination in the room is coming together and becomes communal.”

The Pumpkin Pie Show: Labor Pains premieres September 24 and runs through October 10 at UNDER St. Marks.