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READ: Arts in the Armed Forces (AITAF) Brings Contemporary Theater to the Troops

Vice News recently posted an opinion piece on Arts in the Armed Forces (AITAF), an arts nonprofit founded by actors Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker. The group performs contemporary theater for US troops as a way to start conversations and connect with the troops.

A former marine, actor Adam Driver understands the importance and benefits of bridging the worlds of contemporary theater and war. While the reality of war can often become reduced to theatrics – pandering politicians, hypocrisy, bureaucracy – theater can delve into profound and human truths and open space for a dialogue that comes from an honest and vulnerable place.

“The theater AITAF chooses to perform is most often written by people who have similar outlooks as many people in the military. Both theater and military folks are very often funny, skeptical, wary of hyperbole, tired of malfunctioning hierarchy, sick of hypocrisy, and pissed off by lies. But they’re not solely cynical — they’re also believers in something.”

Click here to read the full piece. Waterwell is currently developing A.Jax, a “live move musical” adaptation of Sophocles’ Ajax.

Image from Vice News.