The Last Year in the Life of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As Devised by Waterwell: A Rock Operetta

“An affecting, wholly original new musical. King’s powerful speeches are interspersed with behind-the-scenes vignettes of meetings, home life, and Oval Office comic relief. This production reveals the humanity behind his historic struggle.”

– Associated Press

***New York Magazine Culture Award Nomination, Best New Musical***

An all new theatrical event about one of America’s most loved and misunderstood figures. Taking inspiration from the legendary speeches, interviews and private notes of Martin Luther King, the obscured history of his last days shines with new meaning in this surprising new musical. Featuring an exuberant score of rock, soul and blues, The|King|Operetta adds shading and nuance to King’s towering legend. Although he was known for non-violence, this urgent rendering of his final year reveals the fiery fortitude beneath Dr. King’s stormy quest for peace.

“It is brilliant. The opening action finds a stunning Dr. King, offering a thundering version of his ‘Beyond Vietnam’ speech, the moment King began his inexorable march toward death. In another death-ridden era, let’s offer a thankful prayer for Waterwell’s sense of life.”