The Persians…a comedy about war with five songs

“As implausibly funny and entertaining as promised by its subtitle; alive enough to surprise even the performers themselves. Brilliant . . . original . . . inspired.”

– New York Times

***3 NY IT Awards Nominations, incl. Outstanding Production Of A Musical***

The Persians were the most powerful empire the world had ever seen. The Persians’ army was the biggest war machine ever assembled. The Persians marched off to destroy their most hated enemies. The Persians lost the war then lost the world. The revolution is about to begin . . . let us entertain you!

“A hugely entertaining, enormously affecting, and utterly contemporary meditation / response / plea for sanity around the oldest extant play in Western civilization. The cumulative impact is breathtaking, realizing the tragedy and humanity of the play’s message with power and acuity.”