The Flores Exhibits

The Flores Exhibits is a series of short videos amplifying the voices of children held in detention facilities at the U.S. / Mexico Border.

Read by high-profile artists, lawyers, advocates, and immigrants, the text of these videos comes exclusively from the sworn testimonies of children in U.S. government custody. Check out the videos and learn about how to take action at


This past Spring, when all public events shut down, Waterwell began to think of new ways for audiences to experience stories from The Flores Exhibits. We spent the summer building relationships with partner organizations around the country, with a special focus on 4 states – Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Our goal was to see how these videos could be the most impactful addition to their work. With each partner, we explored how to build an event that would inspire the most substantive connections and conversation about immigration issues in their own area.

Now, we are proud to announce The Conversations Around the Country: a series of digital events, organized with great care by each partner organization, which will use the videos from The Flores Exhibits as a starting point for dialogue among panelists and people in their community about our nation’s immigration policies. Throughout the series, we’ll be posting opportunities to learn and engage, ways to take action, and announcing more events. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and stay tuned!

Here’s a snapshot of all the events coming up:

The Flores Exhibits was originally co-created by Waterwell and the Broadway Advocacy Coalition in collaboration with the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic and the Center for Institutional and Social Change at Columbia Law School.

The original creation of The Flores Exhibits was generously supported by The Ford Foundation and Jayne Baron Sherman & Deby Zum through the Sherzum Fund at Our Fund. Waterwell Films, EOTI Productions, Ideal Glass Studios, Butter Studio, and Sam Sweeney contributed in-kind services.