Marco Millions (based on lies)

“One of the brightest notes in the theatrical season. So chokingly, foot-stompingly, punch-your-neighbor funny, the laughter in the audience took on the helpless, hiccupping sound of hysteria . . . But by the end, it has invested characters with real heartbreak and done O’Neill’s intentions proud.”

– New York Sun

***Drama Desk Nomination, Outstanding Director Of A Play***

Waterwell puts its signature irreverent stamp on an obscure play by one of America’s greatest dramatists, Eugene O’Neill. Based on the thirteenth century travels of Marco Polo, the original play was the story of a Westerner encountering the East and the collision of cultures and economies that follows. Featuring a wealth of live music, Marco Millions (based on lies) is a freewheeling, kaleidoscopic ride that confronts head on questions of class and race that are as pressing now as they were in 1928…or 1271.

“What a conglomerate discovery they are! This quintet not only has abundant talents to be unflaggingly cheeky, but to be bright, creative, and vastly rewarding. The resulting, often hilarious meta-theatre event recalls Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill at their youthfully nose-thumbing best.”