“Go for the head-banging guitar chords, the throbbing vocals by Ms. Cheek . . . a psychedelic tour of her psyche through rhythmic rock. Don’t go to a rock show expecting to be bathed in the innocuous. Rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be dangerous.”

– New York Times

Created in collaboration with NYC glam-punk band, Bambï, GOODBAR blurs the boundaries between music and theater while tackling one of the most controversial cult artifacts of the ’70s: Looking for Mr. Goodbar. Riffing wildly on the novel by Judith Rossner, Bambï & Waterwell crank the amps up to ten and launch a full frontal assault on modern myths of sex, independence and persona.

“Stunningly theatrical. A fascinating experience that will leave you . . . with images burned in your mind for days to come.”