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Kevin Townley

  • Writer
  • Actor

Kevin has performed in Hollywood blockbusters, elementary school cafeterias and everywhere in between.

With Waterwell: Blueprint Specials, GOODBAR, #9, The|King|Operetta and Marco Millions. Other NYC: Shockheaded Peter (Little Shubert), My Deah (Abingdon). Film: Men In Black 3The SitterMy Super Ex-Girlfriend. TV: The Following, All three Law & Orders, Sherri. Kevin also co-hosts and -produces the monthly themed-variety show, “The Talent Show”, which has been named Best Variety Show by Time Out and New York Magazine. He is finishing up a YA novel and is in a band called Clash By Night with Hanna Cheek. The Associated Press has called him “Magnetic” and “Fabulous”, and The New Yorker said he was a star, but spelled his name wrong, so who knows…