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MS Musical – Once Upon A Pandemic

Waterwell - Zoom

Jun 17 - 19, 2021

Created by Christina Franklin, Marissa Davis, and the Cast

Directed by Christina Franklin

Music Direction by Marissa Davis

Featuring the Theater Arts Classes of ’21, ’22, & ’23

There are no cautionary tales that prepare us for a pandemic…so what if we made one? And what if we heard it from those who have taught us before…

Once Upon A Pandemic is a mockumentary depicting the experiences of our favorite fairytale creatures during a global pandemic. What happens when intruders like the Big Bad Wolf or Goldilocks need a place to go? Or when Lil Red and Grandma really start to get on each other’s nerves? Or how do “isolation experts” like Rapunzel react to it all? Well wonder no more. It’s the year 2071 and Entootha Woods Productions was miraculously able to gather our favorites to share their experience.

*A streaming link will be emailed to you on the day of the performance you purchase a ticket for. Reserve your tickets HERE

*Poster by Matt Meier, Ligature Creative