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Staff & Board


Lee Sunday Evans, Artistic Director
Adam J. Frank, Managing Director
Heather Lanza, Director of Education
Christina Gonzalez, Program Manager, Waterwell Drama Program

Board of Directors

Arian Moayed, Chair
Jeanne Houck, Vice-Chair
Maria Somma, Secretary
Kathleen Hagen, Treasurer
Morena Baccarin
Aaron Chase
Gregory Franklin
Peter March
Anne Mollegen Smith
Damon Owlia
Tom Ridgely
Nella Vera
Nzinga Williams
Kimya Zahedi


Arian MoayedTom Ridgely

Advisory Board

Ali Farahnakian
Kathryn Grody
Tony Kushner
Tracy Letts
Charles Mee
Omar Metwally
Mandy Patinkin
Daniel Stern

Chairpersons Emeriti

D. Andrew Criss
Louise Reist
Shanta Thake